Get your health checked

Did you know that if you're aged between 40 and 74 you may be eligible for a free NHS Health Check?

It's a great way to check your health and get advice on how you can live well for longer. 

Your GP can arrange for you to have this free health check – just contact them to make an appointment today.  Not registered with a GP? You can find a local GP service close to you

What does the health check involve? 

We’re all at risk of developing conditions such as heart and kidney disease, dementia, and stroke. Your NHS Health Check means your GP can detect potential problems such as these before they do real damage.

Your GP will ask you some questions about your lifestyle and your family’s medical history. You'll also have some routine tests using the latest medical technology. We’ll check things such as your blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI.

Once you get the results, your GP will offer you some advice on staying healthy to help you lower any risk of developing ill health in future. Sometimes your GP will also refer you to specialist support from nutritionists and health trainers, or suggest that you take medicines to control your blood pressure or cholesterol.

The NHS Health Check is free of charge, including any follow-up tests or appointments. 

health check follow on programme

If you have had a Health Check with a Hounslow GP within the last 6 months and have a CVD risk score of over 10% then you may be eligible for our Health Check Follow On programme Find out more here.

Check your own health

The NHS offers some online tools so you can get an idea of your own health situation. For example, you can see whether you’re at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Watch this short film to find out about NHS Health Checks

It’s important that you go for your NHS Health Check when you turn 40 and every 5 years afterwards. This video explains why it’s so vital.