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Introducing “Goals” from One You Hounslow 

Have you ever set a healthy lifestyle goal and then struggled to stick with it? Whether it’s eating a bit healthier, trying to go to the gym once a week or quitting smoking, we know that often modern life can get in the way. 

The good news is we can fight back. Research shows that two things can make it more likely that you’ll stick with it:

1.       Make a specific goal (e.g. I won't drink alcohol on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays.)

2.       Tell people (like friends or family) what your goal is and when you hope to achieve it.

With “Goals” you choose a simple healthy goal, pick a date when you want to achieve it by, and get rewarded for your success.

We call this a commitment contract. Whether it’s being more active, eating better, losing weight or stop smoking we have a commitment contract for you!

To use Goals simply:

1.    Register for a free account here.

 2.    Choose a goal. There are goals for eating well, stopping smoking, drinking less, moving more or general wellness such as losing weight.

 3.    You can then invite friends or family to support you. You can even nominate a referee to check you achieve your goal!

4.    Each week you can report if you were successful.

5.    Stick to your goal and you’ll earn points that can be redeemed in monthly prize draws! 

Register for goals! 

Sign up to make your goal today!

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