confident you programme for 14 to 19 year olds

If you’re aged 14-19 and in Hounslow, we’ve got resources to help you live healthily and have greater confidence in yourself.

The Confident You Programme is for teenagers between 14 – 19 years old. 

This FREE 8 week programme will help you make the right choices: 

  •  Feel good about the way you look
  • Make smart choices about your wellbeing
  • Learn how to achieve your goals

join a free confident you healthy living programme for 14-19 year olds

want to make some changes?

If you’d like to learn more about healthy living, there’s bags of help on the NHS Choices website.

This includes advice on managing your weight, eating well and being active.

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Teenage boy on cross trainer

concerned about your eating?

Anyone can develop an eating disorder, regardless of how old they are, whether they are male or female, or the cultural or racial background they come from.

If you’re concerned about your eating patterns or the thoughts and feelings that accompany eating, you can get more information through NHS Choices.

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Success stories

Teenager at healthy tuckshop
'Really very good session, really enjoyable and we learnt so much’.

Session participant 
Teenage girl
'I am very happy I had this lesson because I had learnt a lot of things I didn’t know before’.

Session participant