Happier, healthier families

Hounslow Healthy Family Programmes are here to make you and your children healthier and happier. We offer the following services:

Health support and advice 
for 5-19 year olds


see activities available in hounslow using the family information service directory here

Change4Life Weight management programme

for kids aged 5-13

One of the services we offer is a FREE 8 week family weight management programme run with Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust.

It’s a fun way for your family to learn to make healthier choices. 






Teenagers and young people - confident you    

 The Confident YOU Programme is for teenagers between 14 – 19 years old.

  • Tired?

  • Having difficulty concentrating?

  • Want your clothes to fit better?

The confident YOU programme can help! Confident YOU is a FREE 8 week programme helping you make the right choices:


A Healthier Baby and Toddler

Start4Life is here to give children under 5 a healthier start in life.  What happens in your baby's first 5 years has a big effect on how healthy he or she will be in the future.

  • is your baby ready for solid foods?
  • Giving your toddler an appetite for healthy foods
  • helping very young children be active and healthy

more on start for life

top tips

fun ways for kids to move more

10 Minute Shakeup logo
Try our fun 10 Minute Shake Ups! Disney-inspired games that count towards the hour of physical activity kids need a day.

Shake ups are fun bursts of physical activity to help kids to stay healthy


happy, healthy under 5's

Healthy food
Baby moves make for a happy, healthy baby, so it’s important to make sure they are free to move their bodies.

Watch out for your baby looking fidgety in a rocker or pushchair, and give them some room to move around.

Just one of the baby tips from Start4Life