This girl definitely can!

Lisa Grant photo

One You Hounslow is supporting the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign (see the video on our Move More page here).  To support the campaign we interviewed Brentford FC’s First Team Women’s captain Lisa Grant about her role, her inspiration and This Girl Can.

Hi Lisa, thanks for agreeing to answer some questions from us.  One You Hounslow is supporting the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, which is all about encouraging women to be more active.

1, Can you tell us how you became interested in football?  Have you always had an interest from an early age? Or was this something you came to later in life?

 I first got into football when watching my neighbour doing kick ups outside my house when I was 9 years old. I started playing from then on and played everyday. My love for football just got bigger and bigger to the point where I literally carried a football round with me.

 2, Which sports women inspired you when you were young? 

 When I was a kid I never really knew any sports women to look up to, but I was very inspired by David Beckham. I wanted to play like him and I read all of his autobiography's and watched his video's. He literally was my idol!

 3, What are the challenges of being a football team captain? 

 There's lots of challenges being a team captain, but one big one is to have a positive attitude on and off the pitch and give lots of encouragement to the team. It's also important to be a good team leader and being someone that players can look up to. Keeping the players motivated and making sure everyone is happy and that they can turn to you for advice at any time.

 4, What do you feel you get out of playing football?

 Since the age of 9 football has been a big part of my life. Apart from keeping me fit, I play football because I love it. Still to this day, I'm looking for area's  in which I can improve my game.

 5, What would you say to women that are interested in getting involved in sport, but don’t know where to start?

I would say to any women looking to get into sport, to find something they would enjoy and it doesn't matter about ability or perfection. It's about energy, keeping active  and doing something for themselves that they enjoy.

 6, Why do you think campaigns like ‘This Girl Can’ are important in getting women to be more active?

I think campaign's like 'this girl can' are important because it raises awareness and essential to get the message out. Letting girls/women know that you too can play in sport(not just men).

 Thanks very much for your time.

This Girl Can is a campaign from Sports England designed to empower women and encourage them to be more physically active.  To find out more click here.