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Health monitor

Are You 40-74 years old?

The NHS Health check is your chance to get your free health MOT with your GP!

As we get older it gets more and more important to take care of ourselves as we have a higher risk of developing conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Your free NHS Health Check can spot early signs meaning there might be something you can do to prevent developing diseases and live a healthy life.

The NHS Health Checks helps thousands of people live healthily, for longer, and it can also help you.

Do NHS Health Checks work?

The health conditions picked up by the NHS Health Check are, when added together, the biggest cause of preventable deaths in the UK, with around 7 million people affected by them.

In its first five years, the NHS Health Check is estimated to have prevented 2,500 heart attacks or strokes. This is the result of people receiving treatment after their Health Check.

The latest research suggests that:

•for every 27 people having an NHS Health Check, one person is diagnosed with high blood pressure

•for every 110 people having a Health Check, one person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

•for every 265 people having a Health Check, one person is diagnosed with kidney disease

(Source: NHS Choices website)

How do I get an NHS Health Check?

You can get your free NHS Health Check at your GP surgery  if you are between the age of 40-74, haven't had a stroke, or you don't already have heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease.  You can also have an NHS Health Check every five years.

During your Health Check your GP, nurse or healthcare assistant will ask you some simple questions about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure and do a blood test, which is often using a small finger prick test.  


Once the results are in, your GP can offer you personalised advice on how to stay healthy and lower risk of developing serious health issues in the future. If the GP thinks it is necessary, he or she will recommend medicine to control your blood pressure or cholesterol or refer you to a free programme where you can learn to lower your risk of developing any preventable diseases.

NHS Health Check Follow on programme

If your results from your Health Check shows over 10% risk score for developing  cardiovascular disease, your GP can refer you to a free lifestyle programme run by One You Hounslow.    

The free lifestyle programme runs for six weeks at a local venue and will help you make simple lifestyle changes that helps to lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

When you attend our lifestyle programme you will receive expert professional advice on the benefits of healthy eating, exercise, stopping smoking, reducing stress and reducing alcohol intake.  Our expert will also help you come up with action plans and coping strategies that is personal to you and the changes you make towards a healthier you.   

If you want to find out more about NHS Health Checks please see here.

If you have recently had an NHS Health Check and would like to find out more about our free lifestyle programme please call us on 020 8973 3530.